We work with you.
--We share the same goals.

Finding the right candidate for you is our imperative. Using DIRECT SEARCH we can exactly identify the candidate that is right for you.

We provide an innovative and appropriate service that enables YOU find the experience and skill set you demand. An efficient and cost saving alternative to traditional solutions.

We can provide a total package that will support and augment your company's process.


Our Global Approach ensures we leave no stone unturned to find the candidate you need. This approach ensures success for both European and Latin American projects.

What is the purpose of a Research Service? What does our Research Service consist of?

Our in-depth analysis of your needs will identify the criteria needed to find the highest qualified professional to efficiently and effectively complete your company's needs.


Using Market Mapping we can correlate all the related variables, and then locate and identify the perfect candidate to provide the exact match your company requires.

•  Research processes: Analysis of Average and Managerial controls in any sector. National and International areas. Mining4Talent are specialists in Europe and Latin America.

•  Studies of salary remuneration

•  Coaching programs: group, individual and team coaching

•  Labour counselling for executives by specialist attorneys

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